A love story.

I have always been a theater girl but have not always been a runner. As a  kid, I wore the comedy/tragedy masks on rings or necklaces and  started taking community theater acting classes when I was 7. I would do different voices for characters in plays when we read them aloud in English class and finally settled into acting as a career choice shortly after my detective (à la Nancy Drew), writer, and veterinarian phases. There was also a brief doctor phase in there but that was VERY short lived. 😉 Summers in high school were spent in local community theater productions and … Continue reading A love story.

Using running to change the conversation

Running can be so much more than just a thing you do to workout or de-stress. It can bring people together (and the world desperately needs that right now) and can be a catalyst for social change. Even if you’re not a big part of the running community, these things are becoming more and more noticeable everywhere. I mean, it would have been difficult to miss the fact that four women just ran from Harlem to D.C. and raised over $100K for Planned Parenthood. When I heard about that, I wanted to jump right in there with them!!! More and … Continue reading Using running to change the conversation


It’s amazing how tiring yet amazing going an extra mile feels. Especially when, just before that mile, you ran 13. For the last year and a half, I’ve continued with distance running between my yearly marathon training (I can afford/have time to do one 26.2 mile race a year). I’ve talked many times before about how I love my weekend long runs. They are a challenge that never disappoints and always gives me the clarity I need. The regular distance that I’ve chosen (and get) to run each Saturday when I’m not training for a 26.2 mile race is 13 … Continue reading 14

Making a plan

A few stresses earlier this week had me pretty riled. But then I sat down with a pen, a notebook with a shiny, silver spiral and crisp, white pages that almost smelled like fresh laundry. I wrote down a plan in my big, loopy letters that were themselves pretty comforting. I broke it down into sizable chunks so that it’ll take a while but will happen. I also realized that there is nothing I can do about the behavior or actions of others (with regards as to why they do certain things). I can only work on me and my … Continue reading Making a plan


Lately I’ve been hearing a lot about the importance of self-care. It might be due to what’s going on in DC but I totally get it. YOU time is so important. The neat thing about self-care is that it’s completely subjective -nobody does it the right or wrong way. And you can incorporate the practice into your daily routine: running, reading the paper while your drink your coffee, “unplugging” for a bit during the day, taking a bubble bath…anything that can clear your mind and heart of the stresses it’s been holding onto. I’ve had to learn that “me time” is not … Continue reading Self-care 

The first mile lies 

The mornings have gotten colder again. This is perfect, because I love running in the cold. Every once in awhile though, the cold plus the dark can cause me a momentary twinge of discouragement. Of course I go and run and love every second of it, but I’ve developed a method to get through that first mile because after that, I’m home free. And that first mile always lies. I have a bowl of cereal, half a cup of coffee, and do 30-45 minutes of strength training (weights or yoga) before heading out to run. It allows my body to … Continue reading The first mile lies